DSC09380The stock build plate on my Wanhao D7 Duplicator is a flat aluminum plate. It has worked well except fo a couple of exceptions. 

First is it is very dificult to clean as the resin overflows the top of the plate and floods into bracket area where there are four screw heads and for some reason, several narrow slots that trap the resin. I have been able to clean the area with a bath of IPA and a one inch paint brush, scrubbinng into that small area.

Second, the print surface is highly polished and sometimes prints fail to stick. I solved that issue by using a flat, fine whetstone and while under running water, polishing off the shine to a flat mat finish with a bit of "tooth" for the curing resing to grab. This was an excelelnt modification.

Third, the bracket and plate are PAINTED and the black paint was starting to degrade from the resin and IPA exposure. 

The new EPAX3D build plate is a cast aluminum with a sloping top to assist the resin draining off the upper surface. It is also cast aluminum with what should be a very "grippy" build surface. Definately not polished. It also has NO painted metal surfaces. Priced at $65 postage included.

My workshop here in Texas is currently at 100+ degrees. Too hot to run the printer or work out there, so it will be a week or so before I can test this new build plate.

The brackets look very similar but are not exactly the same. I had to do some bending and tweaking but I was able to get them working together without any additional parts. The fit has to be loose enough so the leveling can be done without damage to the video screen. The plates are also slightly different in all dimensions but no problem fiting the vat on the D7.

The new plate will displace slightly more resin on the down stroke, so I will have to pay attention to fill levels in the vat. Not an issue, just a caution.

The pictures will show the rest of the story. As usual, click on a picture to enlarge it.

DSC09376 DSC09377 
 EPAX plate on the left Wanhao D7 plate on the right.  Note the taper makes the EPAX bracket plate narrower. Note slots against plate on D7 bracket.
 DSC09378 DSC09379 
 Bending both plates I was able to make a decent adjustable connection.  The new EPAX plate on the D7 DLP resin printer.