Tiertime and it’s firmware and software have always marched to their own drum. It’s their way or the highway for most features. They do permit a very tiny smattering of Marlin-type G-code. I have been able to run the original Cetus with Simplify3D slicer. But some settings are very strange. Standard flow is 20 rather than the “standard 1”. 

I have become proficient with the Tiertime slicer(s) UPStudio and now UPStudio3 and use them for all CETUS printing.

This post I want to mention the unique “feature” of the original CETUS and it’s bed leveling. It has none. No mechanical leveling that is.


The print bed has no adjustment or leveling screws. 

There is a nine point bed mapping in slicer software. But it does not compensate the print head height when normal printing.

What it does is force the use of a raft under the desired print. The raft is printed to provide a level print surface for the desired print. 

The raft bottom follows the slope angle of the bed and adjusts flow to “fill-in” the low areas. So after 8 layers of raft construction, there is a flat (to X-Y movement) build platform.

This consumes a sizable amount of filament, so this must be included in determining the amount of filament required for the print. It’s the biggest trade-off for this minimalist style 3D printer. 

I have always been satisfied with print quality with the original Cetus. (and the Cetus2 BTW). So I have learned to tolerate the seemingly “wasteful” build platform.

I always include a RAFT when I have small parts or parts I know don’t have  enough surface to remain “stuck” to the (unheated) build surface, Using a Raft for a part with a large flat bottom surface that can remain stuck to the build surface on its own, is the sore point for me.

I mentioned the unheated build plate. The CETUS in the picture does have the heated bed. But I have had the undersized ribbon cable burst into smoke and flames twice. The provided connectors and wiring size are far inadequate for the heat bed current flow. The heat bed is dangerous if enabled. Mine is NOT enabled.

Two compromises with the original sized Cetus. Required Raft for level and a dangerous (optional) heated build plate.

Otherwise the three small Cetus (3) I own and operate produce very nice albeit small prints.

Added note; I also now own three (3) of the CETUS2 printers. 2 color single nozzle. (So, six (6) Cetus in all) I am having a whale of a time 3D printing. (Non obvious pun intended.)