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MK3 1
I have a 3D printer made by Tiertime called a CETUS. I named mine MamaCetus, as a pun on the Latino slang term mamacita meaning hot babe. (sexy woman). The printer is certainly very hot and might be considered sexy by some 3D printer nerds (Me?) Hmmm...

OK. In any case, Tiertime just revealed a new version (MKIII or MK3). It has all the same general features of versions 1 and 2 but some interesting detail improvements. MamaCetus is a MK2.

Mechanical end switches for homing. They used a motor stall sensor in the previous versions. Switches are more positive and repeatable for setting home position.

New accessory board available for heated bed and auto Z / bed leveling sensor. That’s three different and separate accessories but the board is necessary for operation of the other two.

An optional 220 watt (!!) What! Power supply is available to help out the heated bed option. Yowza! Plenty of extra power. Note: the wattage of the PS over what is needed is not a problem (unless something shorts out.) My original PS says 19 volts at 6.32 amps which is 120 watts. 100 more watts for the heated bed is good.

Print head hot-end upgraded (V2) to use nozzles suitable for almost any printable filament available. Hardened steel nozzles available. Compatible with older nozzles.

A plug in processor will be available for direct G-Code operation with virtually all 3rd party slicer programs like Cura and Simplify3D and others.

Color touch screen controller is also in the works.

All the add-ins above are extra cost, so the customer can be selective of if or when they want to update for the added features.

I currently run G-Code produced from Simplify3D on my MamaCetus. I am pleased the new processor or co-processor will permit direct connection to 3rd party slicers. This is what Tiertime claims! That could be sweet. However, when installed, the Cetus printer will NOT be compatible with UP Studio, heated bed and bed leveling. Oops!

I’m not ready for an upgrade to the same size printer I have. However, the Cetus does produce excellent quality prints because of its linear rail construction.


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