Made several brackets for cable management on my prototype Cetus2. None are absolutely necessary. They are aesthetic and just “tweak” cable management a bit. The newer Cetus2 have changed some of the cable routing and may not need to add these to my new version. Whenever I get it…


IMG 1879

The large ribbon cable to the print head makes a 270 degree turn to get back to the column. The loop was beginning to sag with a twist at the printhead. My support removes 90 degrees of that unsupported curve. The cable loop still requires ample clearance space on the left side of the printer.

IMG 1880

Behind the bed is another smaller ribbon cable. The routing of this cable has changed on the new version. On my Cetus2 the cable loop ”pops” out the right side of the printer when the printhead is down and moves to the right. I made the printed removeable barrier and hold it in place with a 20mm diameter magnet in the base. Works as intended. The cable stays behind the print bed. 

IMG 1881

When the filament guides were 33% longer than required, I made this top bracket to keep them in front of the back plate. Not needed now until the head is fully raised. Now it keeps the guide loop from snagging on the left top corner of the back plate. I have never made a print this tall so it is only required and effective when the print head is homed to the top..

photo by Tiertime Cetus2

The new Cetus2 has a large flat main ribbon cable from the base that folds 90 degrees twice and loops around the back panel on the left side. I already have envisioned a printed magnetic cover to support this cable if it remains as shown in this prerelease photo. 

These brackets are just my engineering need to make small improvements. It’s what designer and makers do. Could Cetus2 have done this? Sure. But somewhere the design must be frozen to get into production. And I like the challenge to make things a bit better…