Not an earth-shaking Cetus2 post. Just keeping my mind busy and protoCetus2 busy doing SOMETHING other than waiting... :)

This is Tweety. I posted her/him on T-Verse long ago.  

I wanted to see how a 150 micron print would do on the Cetus2. Not too shabby.

Tweety is a low-poly sculpture and lots of support. So we don't have a perfect surface. Don't blame the finish bumps on Cetus2. That's not the point. I wanted to see how printing with 0.150mm layers and the 0.40mm nozzle would get along. Absolutely no problems is the answer.

This Tweety was enlarged to 150mm height. Print time 8 hours at "normal" speed. 63.4 grams finished weight. 74.5 grams predicted because of support. 3 perimeters and 20% infill. I don't DO super light infills.

This is a 50/50 mix (nozzle #3). Light and a darker yellow. At this resolution the color mix is very complete as I can see no shading around Tweety.

Tweety is having a "puddy-tat" discussion with a couple of Grumpies.

IMG 1903