It's nearly SPRING and time to tune up the CETUS2 for the seasonal 3D Sprint Speed Trials" (3DSST), where FDM 3D Print aficionados vie for title of "Fastest Printer East of the equator. Or something like that.

I am entered in the local 2 color single nozzle "sport" class with the new CETUS2 model and my new VELOCITY stacks. That will make it much FASTER.

Actually, the velocity stacks are just for show, but they do reduce the air intake noise. Mine are made from ASA plastic which is lighter weight than standard PLA. 

Running test trials now to determine just how fast I can push these new intakes.

I have posted a copy of the .STL file on my TEDEX Forum so you can create a pair of velocity stacks if there are 3DSST trials in your area... and you want an advantage.