I just had to post this to the Cetus2 VIP forum on FB::
OK folks... I see a few getting into quite a tizzy over over what you "Bought" on KickStarter. You didn't buy anything on KickStarter. WE all invested in an unproven new product in HOPE of a reward.
Some bought later. When it was a released working product. But let us get it straight. It does work. Not saying with every feature 100% perfect. But great prints have been produced on my printers.
Not saying you have to like where this adventure has gone. I fully understand the animosity. Build plates and all that. It's a risk WE decided to take to be cutting edge. Masked threats and verbal tantrums are a form of mob demonstration to perhaps "get others" involved. I am sure Tiertime is paying attention. Probably the last Kickstarter for them. You all feeling better?
UP Studio3 is working software. I have built hundreds of beautiful prints. Color mix is a weak point. I was officially told color mixing was not a consideration in the early design. Just fast color swapping. I pushed for mixing. Nozzle3 was the result and was clumsy at first.
Cura advanced the mixing ability with more "fantom" mixing nozzles. I have also made hundreds of first class prints with Cura and a firmware Cetus2 OS G-Code update.
Color mixing because of the science of nozzle material flow will not always be perfect.
I also have Simplify3D and Prussa running Cetus2 with very good results. (I like to play with slicer setup.) BUT the point is the Current Original Cetus2 is far from opreationally broken due to the software. Cetus2 works and works well with several optional slicers
My biggest problem has been TWO failed mainboards. The second one was a few weeks ago. I was offered the original or the new Klipper as replacement. I figgured W-T-Heck, I like living on cutting edge. I'll move up to the Klipper system.
Let me warn you. KLIPPER IS NOT EAISER THAN THE ORIGINAL. Yeah, I shouted that! I know some will fail in understanding how to use Klipper with Cetus2. It is VERY complex. Learning by video is extreamly difficult. It's also a bit quirkey. My photos and video show clearly that it does work.
For those who can work through the learning curve and can learn mostly on their own abilities, The Klipper IS a much more powerful and feature rich printer OS.
I don't work or speak for Tiertime. I am a (USA) 77 years old adult and retired. I have owned and successfully used 13 FDM and 3 resin printers. I have 3 original Cetus and 3 Cetus2. One Cetu2 now running with Klipper. I publish two blogs on 3D printing. Here is one: (https://quantum3dprint.net)
I like the Klipper experience with Cetus2. I am still far from mastering Orca Slicer but it is similar to Prussa Slicer. It's just a hobby with me in my "old" age.
You can be upset. That's nornal. But don't forget being first always requires risk. 'Nuff said. TNX.