I took a leap of faith. I joined my first kickstarter campaign. Tiertime Cetus has developed a new dual color FDM 3D printer they call Cetus2. Not to be confused with Cetus Mk1, Mk2 or Mk3.

I assume Cetus2 as it prints with two filaments out of one nozzle.

It’s apparently not a brand new idea. The Kickstarter has lots of information and video of working prototypes. The nozzle is a new proprietary system and has been patented. It is the heart of the new system.

The color switch doesn’t look critically perfect in the demo video, but far better than the move-and-purge of my other multi-color single nozzle FDM printers.

It’s new and inventive and I am willing to be an early user. 

This is December, 2021 and the Cetus2 will not be shipped until May 2022 if it stays on schedule. That is always subject to change with Kickstarters.

This Kickstarter is more like a market test than a development funding. The development seems to be (mostly) over and the “team” is checking if it is OK to go into full production. 

I have well over two years’ experience with single nozzle multi color printing. I love the results. I also know the issues with my Geeetech A20M and T systems (2 color, 3 color). 

Tiertime Cetus2 has hit most if not all the “right stuff” buttons. Proof is in the functioning, so that is still an unknown. 

I will provide a link to the Kickstarter campaign. This is not an endorsement of the product or the company. I just like what I have seen and like I said, am willing to be an early adopter.

I already have all three versions of the first Cetus. It has been a love/hate relationship, but far more love than hate. There is seldom anything “perfect” with any 3D printing hardware and operations. 

Six months of expectations and maybe a few more “tweaks” before we have a product in hand. Any more comments from me before then are just conjecture or additional information released by Tiertime.

This should prove an interesting six months wait. Use THIS LINK to visit the CETUS2 KickStarter site and I will receive credit for the referal. Thanks!