The Tiertime Cetus2 two filament single nozzle FDM 3D printer is an interesting new approach to single nozzle printing. The filament blending occurs at the very tip of a totally new design nozzle system.

The supreme test is to see if the design will “hold up” under the limited printing skills of the “joe average” customer. I can sense from the KickStarter forum that some contributors are not seasoned and experienced multi-filament single nozzle operators. Visions and questions about “exotic” material combinations (sugar-plums?) dance through their posting rather than questions grasping basic single nozzle print concepts.

I have posted on the Cetus2 Kickstarter forum, my color mixing experioence with dual (and triple) color, single nozzle extruders. I hope it helps others to understand the extrusion mixing process. 

The post product release period should prove interesting as first time owners experience dual filament single nozzle operation.

What I have done is create a totally separate sub-category for the Cetus2 in this blog. The new Cetus2 deserves its own niche and special attention. As a category, the informational postings will be grouped and easy to find.

In my humble opinion, The Cetus2 is more an “artsy” color switcher/blender than and industrial exotic material printer. But there are no hard rules. Understand the hardware then go push the limits. That’s my plan.

Not much will be posted here until the hardware is released. Then I will post a big announcement, for sure!

Use THIS LINK for more CETUS2 kickstarter information and I will get credit for the referal. Thanks!