So am I!

As a token of gratitude, we are pleased to introduce our 2022 New Year Comment & Win Giveaway! We are gonna give out a FREE Cetus2 Deluxe to one of our beloved backers who contributed. Comment your New Year Wish and your favorite feature of Cetus2 in the comment section of our campaign page, then you get a chance to win a FREE Cetus2 Deluxe! We will send this one to you as a gift before everyone else, so you can taste the fresh technology yourself. We'd love to hear your feedback as the earliest adopter!


New Year Wish I believe a wish should be short and direct. A New Year wish is about looking at a clean new page of history about to be written upon. My wish is that what gets recorded reveals far more positive human centered events than negative. The only thing we really control for certain is our own thoughts and actions. Make love, not war… The new Cetus2 is a work of love by the Chinese design team to be shared with the world. Of course for corporate profit. That is a required goal. But there is clear evidence that Cetus2 is a new fresh new design built with quality precision components like linear bearings and powerful electronics and software. But the best new feature is a unique dual filament single extruder. Accurate color mixing and blending brings an entire new, exciting and positive creative experience to 3D (FDM) printing.

Thank you! We genuinely appreciate all your comments and wish everything you’ve been hoping for coming to life in a short period of time. We are absolutely grateful for your support along the way.❤️

Especially Dan Kautz, your comment and short yet direct wish really inspires and motivates us to keep improving and going forward. Congrats Dan Kautz! You’re the lucky winner of the Cetus2 New Year Giveaway. We will send you a FREE Cetus2 Deluxe in the next few days. Please message us with your shipping info and phone number, we’ll follow up with you.

Hope we all can bring more positive energy to the world and learn to prosper without unnecessary weight dimming our light. Don’t be upset if you’re not the winner this time, more awesome giveaways are coming up in the future! Stay tuned!🤗

Wish you and yours a happy and healthy new year!!

Best regards, Cetus2 team

Oh my goodness! I am so humbly honored for my selection! 

I am an experienced multi-filament single nozzle 3D print creator. I will do my best to showcase the Cetus2 with my creations and display on my personal and Cetus websites. ~ Dan