I received My Cetus2 on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022.

This was a very exciting day! I think Tiertime Cetus2 folks and DHL Shipping really hustled to get this to me in such a sort period. The box with printer is very heavy. The Carrier person actually carried the box to my porch and set it inside my front door. It was all I wanted to do to move it around for unpacking and assembly. This work was done very close to the front door where I set up a table! Ha!

Here is what I posted on the Kickstarter.:


Hello Kickstarters! Just wanted to post I have received by New Years Wish Cetus2 printer today. I have it assembled and running. It’s making a truly beautiful 2-color print from a file that was included on the SD card.

For your information and per my expectation, it is NOT a fresh new production version of the Cetus2. In fact it could well be one of the Cetus2 printers seen is some of the demo videos.

It arrived well packed with a few puncture wounds to the cardboard box. The printer is VERY heavy and certainly hard for the shipping personnel to man-handle. Although the DHL delivery man was able to carry to my front door. Happily, absolutely no internal damage to the package and to my Cetus2.

There were NO ASSEMBLY Instructions, This is a pre-production unit with a bit over 90 run hours. This is my 11th printer assembly and I am also extremely knowledgable of control systems and particularly CNC machinery.

The operational machine was torn down for shipping and well packed as I said. There was a baggie of the assembly bolts and the usual tools. Ribbon cables were disconnected and poked into very strange innards. All there. Just had to figure where they might connect. No issue there at all.

It was obvious where the Z-axis assembly bolted on (4 bolts and a bottom brace bracket and Cover.

The power connector cable was the wrong plug for the USA, but I have half a dozen new and unused in my stash. I did have to use a dental mirror to inspect the voltage (115V/230V) internal PS switch. There is a hole in the bottom so one can check, but the voltage change switch can’t be seen directly.

The print nozzle was scabbed up with 90 hours of burned on PLA, et.al. On first heat I easily scrubbed off all the nozzle debris with a steel wire brush. The nozzle is now bright and shiny as a new penny. Good or perhaps better than new.

This particular used machine is NOT THE FIRST MACHINE for newbies here on the Kickstarter. Feel happy that you were not chosen. I am certain the production unit will be a far better machine to assemble and get running. And will certainly include an assembly guide.

But for me I am totally impressed. It is an awesome 3D printer, and will certainly improve before final release. I eagerly anticipate my Cetus2, number two when it ships in May (or thereabouts).

I post more information and links about this machine to my website where I will be able to post pictures of the machine and the things I intend (and will) make.

Give me a fews days (maybe a week) to get a total “handle” on this new machine and the things it will do. 

Next job is to get it communicating with UPStudio3 (Cetus2 version)


I captured some pictures of the printer packing (well done) as there was some external box damage bot nothing damaged inside. The printer is VERY heavy. I don't have a scale but there certainly is something posed about weight (or there will be) on the CETUS webpage.

I have made a few prints of my own multi colored designs I have printed with other multi filament, single nozzle FDM printers. I will post them later. NOTHING spectacular at this point. The UPStudio3 software and the CETUS2 printer are both at a very early point in their development. Presently I am learning both without documentation and with a lot of experimentation.  I am loving it!