I posted the very first print previously. These are more first prints. Everything here but the first red and white print (center rear) and the frog are my own designs. Even the 20mm four layer test cubes. Nothing too original about those. Ha!.

Bottom left is a 2-color coaster for quilt makers. It's the square in square in square pattern. Next right is a 4 layer test cube. Next right are two small green brick walls with recessed blue morter joints. Setting on top is the two color frog. Far right first row is a blue bowl with yellow stripes.


Center row left is a small light blue round bowl with stripes. Next right is another 4 layer test cube in a different color. (same color as first print.) Next right is another three stripe bowl in different color.

Back row (not counting the "first print" are blue and yellow swirl vases. The left two were printed with assist of a purge tower. The one on the far right without purge tower (testing both methods).

I now have color mixing or blending working. When I have time and desire, I will explain single nozzle color mixing in a special article. That's not the topic of this post.

There are many examples of color mix from other printers elswhere in this website. Go take a look. The color mix is NOT WHAT SOME FOLKS MAY BE THINKING. 

IMG 1220  IMG 1222 


Demo of color change 50/50 color mix: