I always blame myself for printing too much plastic JUNQUE. I like to design and print “stuff” that has a practical application other than a shelf decoration. Every person has their own reasons for print the things they like.

When I put CETUS2 together, I needed to check the power supply to make sure it was set to 115 volts for the U.S.A.  The power cord that was included was a 220 volt plug not for use in the U.S.A. 


There is a square hole in the bottom plate of CETUS2 where the power supply is located. But the switch can not be seen directly through the hole.

The perfect tool for peering at the switch would be a small dental mirror. My spouse had a mirror set in her stash. Such luck. It was perfect for the job. The switch WAS in the 115V position.

The dental mirror and several spare mirrors were being kept simply in a plastic bag. WOW! What a chance for me to design and to have CETUS2 print something of value. A Dental Mirror case.

I have had a chance for about a week to learn a bit of how the CETUS2 operates. The only very special part is the direct drive V2 dual extruder. It has two powerful heater cores (one for each filament) and the nozzle heat comes up to print temperature faster than any of other seven FDM printer I own. It’s no slouch when it comes time to work.

The pictures show what I have created and CETUS2 printed. Nothing too fancy. Just provide a place for storing the dental mirror. 

The label on the lid is the CETUS2 print trick of switching between colors.  Looks good and will never fade or rub off. The lettering is 3mm thick, same as the lid.