Update 3/3/22 - Since first publishing this review, I have learned much more on how to selectivly and efectivly modify the many variables in UP Studio3 3.2.4.  Printing three color bands are no longer an issue for me. It requires tuning the "Enitity IDs" for the three nozzles, enabeling each nozzle with the same printing abilities. These entites are not the same (fixed) for every style of print. They must be edited as required.  There is a need for far better and detailed sofware documentation. I hope this is a high priority before the official release of CETUS2.


IMG 1390

I just produced this three color cup with no issues, now that I know the HOW-TO. It's not my desire to become the definitve sourse on the tuning of UP Studio3. The many details and variables are there because many users want more control than the older UP Studio2 provides. And CETUS2 needs more control.

I challenged myself to print a three color model on my new CETUS2 using the Tiertime slicer UPStudio3. 

After several failed attempts it appeared to me that perhaps only two colors would be possible. I posted a video showing my results.

UPDATE 1/28/22:

This process is only required with my MAC version of UP Studio 3. The WIN10 version works without requiring the cube.

But I didn’t stop there. 

I exchanged several emails with support person Jason Wu in China. It was the weekend so I knew I would not get an immediate response. This morning I found some replies in my in box and some good tips from Jason for things to try.

UP Studio was originally intended to support standard one and two nozzle printers. The single nozzle dual filament has Tiertime finding ways to have UPStudio3 take advantage of the new features a single nozzle dual filament printer utilize. Like unlimited mixed colors for example.

So, 2 colors or filament no problem. Now 2 colors plus infinite mix possibilities, it’s an all new ball game. 3 colors minimum.

Jason informed me that nozzle one is (presently) always the master nozzle 1. So the master color always must always be the color in position1. Therefore a component selected as the master is always color 1.

So I had to find a way to have the master model have all the nozzles turned on (to get nozzle three to function) but still act as nozzle 1 with only nozzle 1 and nozzle 2 selected. I used “Set config range” to nozzle 1 for the cube.

My work-around is a “sacrifice” master model (a basic cube). My “real” print is a subset of the master and can be assigned “union” (color 1), nozzle 2, (color2) and nozzle 3 ( presently a 50/20 mix of color 1 and 2).  That’s 3 assignable colors.!

Woo! Hoo!  It worked. I can not print three color models.

It’s very complex and I suspect will not alway work. But it did this time.