Yet another CETUS2 print project.

I received the Gecko file from a friend. I am sure it probably came from one of the on-line resources. I doubled the size from the original file and I believe I am responsile for slicing it into 3 layers. It is presently intended to be a two color print with the top and the bottom the same. Certainly it could be split into three parts for a three color print.

The reason I named this project "Oreo" is obviously the double "stuff" in the middle of the Gecko.


What is special for the Cetus2 / UPStudio3 folks is this print is using extruder color 2 and extruder color 3 (50/50 mixed 1+2) There is no extruder 1 color one in this Gecko print. Extruder 1 is not always necessary.

The holder case is a separate print (and definately my design) using extruder color 1 (blue) and Extruder color 2 (Yellow). No color 3 used.

The top and bottom flat surface of the gecko model shows the typical color mixing of a single nozzle dual color printer. This mix changes depending on the direction of nozzle travel and so does the color. My point is a mixing single nozzle CAN NOT BE DEPENDED UPON TO PRODUCE A PURE MIXED COLOR. Sometimes it will look very well mixed. But more often it is a bit striped like visiable here.

I'm thinking it might be time to swap out the blue and yellow filament in my CETUS2. :)  

IMG 1240 IMG 1241
 Note 50/50 miix B+Y surface color  Oreo's sleeping pad