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My Cetus2 has me trying all kinds of silly "JUNQUE" print projects, but I am having a great time playing in Fusion360 CAD, UPStudio3, and Feeding CETUS2 directly (via USB) from Wand

I am learning a lot of new tricks with UPStudio3. Like moving support creation output between 3 extruders by moving entity codes between extruders. Don't ask me. Let Jason explain. :)

I currently have a problem getting eaisly removeable supports using mixed colors. Single colors no problem. We are still in prototype mode so a lot may change. 


There is plenty of powerful 3D printing that CAN be done with UPStudio3. But I really need a full disclosure of all the secret codes and commands. The published list of Cetus g-codes doesn't quite tell the whole story. The code "PROM2" must appear at the start of the print file and "PROM5" is at the end. (So... "PROM?",  Programable Read Only Memory?)

Again, I have a pre-release CETUS2, so anything I see, discover, and know may change when the final version is released. 

OK!  Reality Check! -- Here are some pictures of what I have been making. There is also a video. The lead picture above shows two fozzel fish, printing in red/white 50/50 color on Cetus2. I have printed many hundreds of these on many printers since day one, years ago, and give them away as key fobs. People love that they are 3D printed in one piece.

Some people have wondered about CETUS2 print quality. It's outstanding! The Gnome pictures below are 0.10mm layer with a 0.40mm nozzle. FDM doesn't get any better that this. Of course print quality is far more than just the hardware. The test square is 2 inches and printed at 0.20mm layers. FWIW...

Some folks may not understand FWIW (For What Its Worth) Also WYSIWYG applies (What You See Is What You Get) What gets shown here is not fine tuned to be "perfect" I don't get paid enough. I don't produce multiple iterations just to make perfect product display examples.. In fact, such perfection is mis-leading and unnecessary. I am playing with a 200 variables and loving it! Of course! You can do better... Ha! I call it Troll-Baiting!  :P

All these designs are my originals.

IMG 1247 IMG 1269
Sports are full round embeded ball shapes Blended color, magnetic pin cushion in production
IMG 1249 IMG 1274
I call these bowls dentures for Lamprey eels More Magnetic pin cushions. Give away to quilters.
IMG 1281 IMG 1284
Gnome on CETUS2 (proof of print)  :) 2" Square 0.20mm Layers - Gnome 0.10mm Layers

IMG 1287Texas 2-color 0.20layer

That's all for now folks!

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