Is it ugly? It’s at least very LOUD. Red and Yellow seem to be circus colors perhaps. In any case it catches my eye. 

It is the colors I had so it was the colors I used. I’ll call it a party bowl.

The print was made on the CETUS2 and ran for almost 24 hours. Each one of the vertical color post are printed in layer sequence, one at a time. then switch colors and repeat on the same layer (0.2mm high).


It is a good heavy print as I like to make things with a bit of heft. Thin walls are possible of course but the the product then seems to be made from “cheap” plastic.

Horizontal color bands on a two color printer are no challenge. I designed this bowl to be much more demanding on the printer. 

AS has been shown on the blog, I have a pre-release version of CETUS2 two color printer. The filament temp control seems to be out of calibration as the nozzle temp indicated when the machine is cold started is only 10 deg Celsius. Ambient temp is around 22-23 C in my workspace, So the nozzle may be running about 10-15 degrees high. I can adjust for that.

It can’t be seen in the picture but there is a bit of light stringing. That’s tiny threads of plastic when the nozzle moves to a new position without printing. 

The stringing cleans up easily but the goal is to print with as little stringing as possible.

But overall, the print came out well. I think I can get used to the colors…