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Print just finished (not released from bed).

Am I stuck?

Yes, and no. Read on…

Since it is so new, I have been spending most of my time exploring UP Studio3 (for Cetus2) and running many test and real prints on my new toy. The pre-release Cetus2.

Just read the latest update in the Kickstarter forum of Cetus2. I am NOT a big Facebook fan. My pre-release Cetus2 is soon going to be a bit obsolete as the production changes were listed. UP Studio3 is also getting some improvements.


Not going to list the product changes in this document. Visit HERE for the most current status reports. 

I am still a paid “backer” and will receive the production Cetus2 when it ships. I do wonder a bit what I will do with two Cetus2, with one of them being a bit obsolete. (But Hey! it was free…) I hope it can eventually be upgraded without too much cost and work. 

Never-the-less, my current Cetus2 in present form is doing very nice prints. It can stay in it present form if the control software keeps it running. One of the changes mentioned in production Cetus2, is TWO internal processors. One for interface options and the other for hardware control.

My only serious concern is with the current software not providing adequate print support structure build options. Nothing like what is provided in UP Studio2. The “Support Peal” currently does nothing in UP Studio3 and Cetus2. On every print the support top layer is firmly welded to the layer above. I call “the ceiling.”

My standard (small) Cetus do wonderful internal supports that peal cleanly away. So I know Tiertime is capable of properly controlling support adhesion. 

I have a work-around manually setting layer width, height, flow. But there is still the ugly dense support stuck to the above bottom layer of the “ceiling”. 

The pictures below tell the story. There is still residual dense support firmly attached to my ceilings. This is with Support Peal set to zero or very small percentage in case zero is a “null” setting.

But for all my other work on Cetus2 I am completely thrilled. Look how nice the top (in the lead photo) looks with a 50/50 blend of olive green and white.