No purge tower required

Hiding in the Shadows

My Tiertime UP Studio3 has been hiding its absolutely best printing feature right under my nose for almost a month. Far more impressive to me than the On The Fly (OTF) filament change.

OTF is a cool trick. But because of its limited application to the printing I love to do, I currently have little use for this feature,

But a little option hiding way down low in the PRINT options tab in the “Seam optimization section of UPS3, is the best feature in the entire package. It is labeled “Infill Preferred


Its totally in the wrong place as it has nothing to do ( that I have yet discovered) with seam optimization.

What it DOES do is permit true “Shadow Purge” by running the color change purge within the infill of the model. No purge tower or “hidden” purge tower inside the model is required..

IMG 1385The model shown here and in the lead photo was printed with Infill Preferred checked using 0.25mm layer and the “fine” default speed setting (30mm/m)

The big elephant isn’t even in the room. The purge tower. 

This is the way I usually print 2 or more colors. Vase mode for some things but the testing I have done so far with OTF vase and surface mode color change makes them a very low priority for me. Just coloring the outside layer is not my typical color 3D print method.

Of course this is very early in my discovery.  I am sure there will be many prints where this type of Shadow purge will let me down. Purge towers are not going far away. I see them needed for high detail and resolution prints where infill may be too small for adequate purge.

If you are interested in two (or more) color printing like me, this is a very nice feature. Now that I have found it, I will certainly be using it a lot more than OTF.