I decided to get back to reality with the two color printing of my pre-release Cetus2. I have spent considerable time experimenting and exploring the alternative methods of purging the color from the nozzle. This was like poetry in printing...

That exploration includes standard purge tower, purge tower internal to the model outline, On The Fly (OTF) color change, and what I call shadow purge using the interior fill of the print. They all are possible and all work to a certain degree of perfection. The one to use is a matter of choice and need.


But bottom line, the original purge tower can’t be beat for superior color change. That is my reality. Purge tower can always provide a good color change.

The cost of the so-called “waste” tower is insignificant in terms of financial cost. Let us all get over that myth of throwing money away. The cost is travel time required in the print process for the extruder to “visit” the purge tower. The cost in dollars is not different than the necessity of printing supports. It is just a part of the process. (Purge in lead picture 0.9g - $0.0225)

The other methods should be used when they are suitable for the print. Big prints with big purge towers. Conserving or using the purge for part of the structure is always a positive. But not if it negatively affects the quality of the appearance of the color change.

I repeat, I can not say the alternatives to a purge tower are actually better quality. They can save time and make the best applied use of all filament used. It’s like sawing wood and making no sawdust. But it doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling about saving the environment. Or whatever else makes other folks so paranoid about creating purge towers.

The best result is that there is now a purge choice. WE can all do what works and feels good about our personal needs and choices.