First PETG print on my Cetus2

Using my trusty "dented.stl" model file. I decided it was about time to experiment with other filament types. I have some PETG transparent red and blue that I loaded on the Cetus2 feed system.  For this print I ran Nozzle3 (the 50/50 mix) at 240C and a layer height of 0.25mm. Speed was set to "normal".

The print looks quite good with very even all around deep purple color blending and no evidence of nozzle "color position stripes".

I had to create a new material file for the PETG and manually configure it into every master file (4) that I have created. Then from there, copy once into the Wand material files out of a created .TSK file that was configured using the PETG material defininition.

Material configuration is still a poory implimented clumsy function within UPStudio3. It should be a one time one place configuration process connected to any routine (including WAND) that needs the data, Making any later adjustment means going back to every location it is stored and doing a separate edit. Very poor practice. I hope this is on the improvements list.

I have also noticed that UPStudio3 no longer appears on the the Tiertime site as available software to replace the standard UP Studio used on all other printers. I am assuming UPStudio3 is being especially configured for CETUS2 use only.

However, I can find other than CETUS2 printers in UPS3 after adding a .stl file and checking the printer listing again.