Oh yeah, CETUS2 can print TPU! TPU is Thermoplastic Polyurethane, a rubber type substance. It is very flexible, but not extremely difficult to print once the printer configuration is properly set. 

The CETUS2 direct connect filament drives are a good printer feature for the use of TPU. TPU filament is much like a round 1.75mm section rubber band. Let’s just say it will wiggle. 

Not intending to write a how-to here for TPU. Simply, if you know what you are doing (meaning experienced), the CETUS2 is a capable machine for printing TPU in two colors.

My first attempt was a two color blend. It definitely has a strong tendency to display the extruder stripe effect of the dual stream extrusion flow. I find this artistic and desirable. I have said many times, all dual color single nozzle printers are not good full mix color producers. It does happen, but it is rare.

Honestly, whilst my first attempt here at blended TPU did work, the look of it is nothing to brag about. I think the problem is my two TPU spools are not exactly the material composition. One is “fast” TPU and the other is standard TPU. There is both a slight temperature and speed range difference. I tried to pick a compromise setting for both together. So a 50/50 blend may be problematic. Best to use exactly the same product spec when blending.

My second print is a three layer solid color rubber door stop. Same TPU as the cap but not blended, just layered. It printed well as the colors do stick to each other. 

I am not overly impressed with either of these two color TPU prints, but I have satisfied my curiosity as to CETUS2 being able to print with TPU.  The answer is yes CETUS2 is capable, as are all my original Cetus.

I don’t have plans or interest in printing more dual color TPU items at this time.