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SMJ1 Update

I have been using the Snapmaker J1 (SMJ1) since the first of the year 2023. It’s been almost 12 weeks.

It has had some faults. The most serious was a failed ribbon cable at the left extruder head. It had a 90 degree crease in the large flat cable that became a concentrated flex point when printing. The wiring in the ribbon cable failed open (broke) like flexing a paper clip until it breaks.

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Up and Running

My Snapmaker J1 IDEX 3D printer has now been in operation here is my studio for more than week. First impression is it is an outstanding and complicated product. Build quality is fine. My user ability is being developed. That’s not a printer issue. Just a note that the J1 IDEX printer is not exactly “Plug and Play” for great results. But it is as close to that. Very minimal assembly out of the box to power-up. But there are a lot of variables to check and set for “best” results.

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KautzCraft Dimensional Print is about to embark on a new 3D printing journey. Staying with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), we have just ordered the new Snapmaker J1 IDEX printer. (SJ1)

Presently it is a pre-order purchase status. Its been in development for at least two years that I can determine. Originally a Kickstarter startup called the Jadelabo by some folks that left Snapmaker to create an IDEX printer. They then realized they really needed some “big brother” design and especially marketing help and returned to Snapmaker, renaming the design the J1. (The J probably from the original name.)

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