We are back! The template that controls the appearance of the website is the same. The old content is gone, and this is a fresh start. I will bring back some of the old pictures, but it may be with a different story.

I am not going to lay down any ground rules. Just enjoy showing what’s happening in my little world of 3D printing. One thing though. I realized a lot of hobby 3D printing is plastic junk and trinkets. I am guilty of that myself. I have labeled such printing I have done as producing plastic Junque, just to give it a fancy name.

For sure, I will continue printing plastic Junque. I want the focus of Dimensional Print Studio to be on invention, design and engineering. The printing is simply the manufacturing final stage of the process.

I am not selling 3D printers. So, I am not promoting the machines I use. I will talk about their features and faults and how that affects the design of what I create. It’s completely plausible to create designs that can’t be printed because of the nature of the process. Same goes for any machine tool in the workshop.

This website is dedicated to utilizing various hobby level three-dimensional printing systems. Using proper material application, design and engineering, items of enduring value and practical purpose are created. Little to no Junque designs are permitted. Oops, that sounds a bit like a rule to be broken…

Summing up, my goal is to show and tell how I design and make quality plastic things intended for dimensional printing. It’s the project design that is the prime focus of Dimensional Print Studio. The printer is a computer operated machine tool that simply follows our directions to produce a tangible output.