Serious Fire Hazard!

 IMG 1112

I own a Tiertime Cetus MK3 3D printer with the heated build plate option. I have had a long and complex history of trying to be safe in use of the heated print surface. Several years. See Previous History LINKS listed at bottom

This is the THIRD time I have experienced cable failure with the inadequate current carrying capacity of the thin “ribbon” cable and equally inadequate  cable connector pins used in this system. 

Third time is the charm. I am not going to repair and replace these components again. Tiertime has supplied replacements for the first two failures, but parts are always the same as original.

The last repair has lasted for almost a year. But just now and again, the cable burst into a cloud of acrid smoke and almost flames. Wires were red hot.

I am not interested in risking home and possible life with this non-deniable  FIRE HAZARD with this inadequate design. I was just starting a new print so I was able to immediately react to the smoke and smell. Only a few seconds and the picture clearly displays the issue.

The cable and connectors at both ends are damaged from the over current electrical flow. Heat bed, cable, and column “accessory” PCB are damaged.

I am warning any readers of this article and owners of Tiertime Cetus with heated beds to immediately cease using the heated bed. Please remove the power ribbon cable between printer body and bed. Save home and maybe life. IT IS THAT SERIOUS.

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