Reviewed my 3D print slicer S.O.P. set-up variables. This was within Simplify 3D (S3D). I realized I have most of the so called “print improvement” filament ooze control features enabled all the time. 

I decided I needed to re-evaluate my personal “standard” configuration. I turned OFF everything in the “Advanced/Ooze Control Behavior” panel. 

I also turned off “Coast at End” and “Wipe Nozzle” in the Extruder/Ooze Control panel.


Only variable active was “Retraction” with a value of 6.5 mm and 1500 mm/min speed. The recommendations for my printer. I also use a “hop” nozzle vertical lift distance of 0.5 mm. Avoids surface drag with rapid head moves and helps (I believe) with clean filament retraction.

Test results on several new prints are showing MUCH IMPROVED appearance with all the Ooze “Shucking and Jiving” variables turned off.

It clear to me (now) that the Ooze controls are nice to have when needed with "dificult filament types" but better looking surface on prints are possible with them all turned off. Clearly they are “use when needed” features and do not need to be configured or left in a “standard” value (other than OFF) for all prints.

OFF, surely creates less gcode and far less axis movements. Increasing print speed and reducing wear and tear of rapid and jerky head actions.

My new “Standard Configuration” is Ooze Control OFF unless needed. My prints are already thanking me.