DSC08870I like to design my own prints. But sometimes something grabs my interest that someone else has created. That happened here. I ran across this very different looking piggy bank on Thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3490324 . In this design, coins are incerted through the nose!

It's kind of fierce/ugly but then sort of has a fun whimsical quality. I like it!

I decided I would print a few. The blue one is 50% reduction or 1/8 the volume of the original. It is too small to be a bank. I printed it first to get a feel of how the Piggy would look printed. The pink Piggy is full size and quarters will eaisly fit through the nose.

Both versions were printed on MamaCetus. The blue one is 100 micron layers and the pink one is 200 micron layers. The big pink took about 15 hours to print. The picture on the printer is about half way through.

I intend to print one more in "flesh" color PLA. Never used that color so not sure exactly how it will look. Piggy banks are usually pink but pigs are not. I will see how a "flesh" colored piggy bank looks.

My granddaughter has a birthday next week and I though of this as an unusual and whimsical gift. Most people (and kids) today don't have many coins on hand. But I thought it is kind of a throwback gift. This is a very unusual piggy bank. 

Update 7.23.19:  Pink piggy printed on the A/C Kossel (delta) 13 hours 24 minutes!

DSC08869 DSC08868
 DSCN0581  DSC09299