Tea Box

Here is a seven piece project (Tea Box). Three main parts - the box, the lettered top plate, the top rim, and four separate feet. 

The big part, the box, reported a 24 hour print time on the Cetus2 UPStudio3 (UPS3) slicer. Actual run time was a bit over 22 hours.

The lettered top plate was a five hour print. The rim and four feet were another 4.5 hours.

Total printing time was almost 32 hours.

I chose to use the Cetus2 with two slightly different colors of yellow PLA+. Both made by Overture, one Yellow, the other Light Yellow.  It produces a slight shading when blended (Extruder #3) which I find more interesting than one flat color.

Regarding the JERK

Specific printer variable settings are not important as they will always be different for other machines and material . But I will reveal that I set ALL JERK settings to minimal. Jason Wu (Cetus2 support) checked with software team agrees JERK is only needed (in UPS3) to assist with OTF color changes in single layer sidewalls. You can see the JERK effect HERE.

I found in some standard prints, jerk can produce inside wall (like a box) protruding “pips” that are very annoying. I suggested a full “off” checkbox for JERK and Jason says he will pass that on to software design for consideration. (No promise.  :)  I have zero issues in “normal prints” with my minimal settings of JERK.

Print Design

I designed the Tea Box in Autodesk Fusion 360*. I design with minimal underside support. The feet are printed separate and the lid top is separate from the rim. It just looks better built this way…

*Autodesk may screw with hobbyist (again) in the future. So this mention is NOT a plug for the product. I have a three year package and will have to decide if I can afford the next package renewal.

But Also…

UP Studio 3 (current available beta version 3.2.5) is simply horrible with underside support release. There IS NONE! “Support Peel” is non-functional. So The pockets on the bottom for the feet required the support material to be carved out with a wood chisel like mitering recessed hinges in a door frame. This should not be necessary. Note to UPS3 software team: Please fix “Support Peel”.  While you are at it, restore the Nozzle “hop” function too. UPS3 (beta) is quite workable but not perfect.

OK Back on Track

I like the separate top plate as it makes future text changes very easy. Maybe, “Dog Treats” ? No plans for another right away, Having the original CAD file makes custom changes easy.

CETUS2 did a very good job with the printing. Like using any tool, the true skilled craftsperson, when understanding and working with the limitations of the tools, can always produce spectacular results. 

The unskilled will usually blame the tools for their ineptitude and faulty work.