CAD rendering of my next high detailed, high quality print.

Choosing quality over quantity is my constant resolve with 3D printing. 

I have always had a bit of a personal guilt feeling making figuratively tons of plastic printed junque. (junk). Just because I could. 

There is a place for some of that. The problem for me is plastic has an intrinsic low-value (cheap) aura. It’s been hard for me to feel that something I have made from plastic is going to have a long-term value. 

There are many items I have designed and made that NEED to be plastic. No problems there. They fill a functional need. But they are not intended to be 100 year-old heirlooms. 

I have one idea for a solution. Design and make items that are less “plastic-looking”. I have used wood-fiber PLA plastic for some quality items I have printed.

I think my guilt is not because I use plastic. It’s what I make that looks and feels so much like plastic.

The wood  filled Plastic can have as much as 40% wood fiber and will print just like 100% plastic. It definitely has a unique look and feel. It can also be finished (coating applied) like a wood item.

I haven’t used wood-filled plastic filament for several years. It is time for me to re-visit this material and perhaps explore the other “less plastic” appearing materials. I know there are filaments that look like marble and other stone. Metallic is also a material finish I have explored to a limited extent.

So many options in materials. There is no “one and only” path of materials choice. I have been exploring different plastics. ASA, ABS, PC, Nylon, PETG, TPU, etc.. There are many more materials I have not tried. 

What I love is design. Part of design, is choice of materials. My new direction is to explore the many old and new materials options available and create new designs suitable to the material.

Wow! So many ideas are starting to flow. My muse has returned. Design for the materials and not think so much about them as cheap plastic.

Actual Box printed.

IMG 2911