Maybe I am going nuts. I just designed this container/bowl in the shape of an oak tree acorn. This is an original design from me, but I feel certain it isn’t the first of it’s design. The acorn design has seen many applications and uses in art and crafted items. Many uses in military regalia.

This is designed in Fusion 360. It has three major parts. The removable cap, which is the lid. The acorn nut which is the bowl. Then the stand in which the bowl stands upright.

The toughest part of the design was the cap with its’ many segments on the surface. There are 100 incised lines forming the design. F360 is very fussy about doing a large number of boolean subtracts. Every line must be perfect. “Close” doesn’t work.

It it wasn’t hard, I wouldn’t enjoy the design challenge.

It will be large when printed. The cap is 172mm at its’ widest and the overall height as shown is 280mm. Of course, it is printed in three parts. So vertical height is not a problem in printing.

Here is the first printing. It is a 50% scale,down, so 1/8 the original design size. A tribute to the squirrel in "Ice Age" movie animation series.

IMG 2952