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newbox v6My latest flame has been learning how to use my mini LASER engraver. Info on that can be found in the KautzCraft LASER blog. I pulled myself away from the smoke and bright light to do some CAD work.  3D solid design is where I feel the most creative. LASER cutting and engraving is mostly 2D decorative art. Like 3D printing, the LASER can take a lot of time just doing its “thing” under CNC. Time to do other work.

We have been getting more than our share of rain here in Texas. There has been no drought warnings this year. I saw a picture of a design I liked which was a four sided bucket with teardrop openings. I immediately thought of rain drops. So I call my design the “Rain Bucket” However, it will never hold any water.

Not exactly like the inspiration design, I freelanced my version to my dimensions and purpose. My design is to gather the clutter of objects on a desk or shelf or wherever. Design size is 118mm x 118mm x 122mm with 3mm wall thickness. Of course it can be scaled to a size desired.

The rain bucket will print with no support as the rain drop “holes” are designed to not require internal support. The material I used is PLA+ and on my Delta took seven hours to print @ 60 mm/s base speed.

IMG 0651I have printed another Rain Bucket using a new filament I have been investigating. Its full name is ASA (acrylic styrene acrylonitrile). Just call it ASA. It is a UV resistant plastic material with great thermal and weather properties. Good for outdoor use where UV from sunlight destroys most plastic.

This one is red, and used only about 160 grams off a new kilogram spool. I also have a kilogram of blue (unopened) and about 500 grams of white ASA. ASA prints similar to ABS (Leggo bricks) but has stronger ratings/properties
IMG 0653

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