Thoughts on High Resolution 3D Printing

I am doing some heavy duty thinking on where and how super resolution, hobby class, 3D additive manufacturing 3D printer can be a best-use application for a single creative person. (A hobbyist) Specifically, the 4K-6K+ resin printer variety.

The only need for that much resolution is to produce super-fine detail in or on what is produced.

For me, jewelry master models for casting is my first #1 answer. Casting process issues aside. Second would be other casting models such as for dentistry. But, I don't know any hobbyist making teeth... :)


What I really see, other than casting models, and as shown in every printer brand’s marketing effort, is one prime example of high detail printing. Strong focus on fantasy world model Junque. That’s seems to me to be the primary user target. The reason is the extreamly high detail present in these models.

Super high printing resolution is not required to produce R-pi cases and hinged plastic boxes. Nor any item not subject to close-up critical detail examination. So those items are not the examples shown.

There is apparently a large support base of 3rd party computer graphic designers creating super-detailed model files for purchase by the hobbyist owner/users of these high definition resin printers.

The hobbyist purchases the 3D model(s) files desired. Next slice and run them through the high definition printing process. Then color finish (paint) them to ones own imagination. Finally, set them on your shelf or display as one sees fit.

It's the finish applied is where the hobbyist can exercise some personal creative expression with color.

Reminds me exactly of my old injected plastic model assembly kit days. Ships, airplanes, cars, model trains, etc.. Only difference is the hobbyist now makes the plastic parts locally using 3D printing.

There is also far fewer parts to assemble as many fine details can be printed in place.

This modern kit assembly now involves printing, before assembly, and finishing (painting) a plastic display model whose components are totally designed by a commercial business. (Kit Makers)

Nothing at all wrong with that scenario. Kit assembly (and kitbashing) have been around for as long as I can remember. Kitbashing is swapping kits parts between different sources to create something a bit more custom. Adults have taken kit assembly and detailing to high levels of perfection. Today, the detail can be extreme with resin prints.

Back to super detailed resin printing.

Resin printing does have some weakness. Most resin printed items are fragile, but not TOO fragile. They may also have continuing UV exposure issues. In general, creating durable lasting strong parts is not high on the features list of raw resin prints. There of course may be scattered exceptions and special formula resins.

Painting or sealing resin prints, as is done for display models, is therefore a very good practice for stabilizing the resin print.

I am thinking one very good use of today's high resolution resin printing is for producing the super detail qualities desired in the age-old injection molded model making hobbies. I believe with much better detail. There are also some new twists beyond "for disply" model making such as accessory items used in cosplay (costume roll-playing) activities. 

Other low stress application such as detailed home decor items are good-use candidates for highly detailed resin prints.

Actually, all types of hobby 3D printing such as FDM (extrusion) fit this general application for model making. But the BEST FINE detail is found for the hobbyist with the use of resin based printing.

My interests generally do not lie in purchasing designs from others. I prefer the design aspects as much or more than the actual production. Kits (or 3rd party print files) lets one skip the design stage and get on with assembly.

BUT!...Kits that have all the material parts and hardware included is a huge benefit and escape from having to source all the parts. 

My first ham radio station was built using all Heath-Kit components I assembled myself. I loved the building but was not a circuit level designer 53 years ago. Or willing or able to gather all the necessary electronic circuit assembly components.

IMG 1525High res Resin Prints, not fantasy figures.Conclusion

The short answer or reason for acquiring a high resolution resin based 3d printing system is to produced highly 3D detailed plastic models and parts best utilizing the fine detail capabilities of the printer. That's stating the obvious, isn't it? Duh... :)

For me that indicates the need to include such details into my designs. 

Jewelry design fits that criteria. Resolved to include more jewelry-like design detail elements in items intended for my resin based 3D prints. 

So good, rather than evil is created with the details!