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This is a new (3D Printed Prototypes & Products) Category on this website.

I am moving from a hobbyist 3D Printing only advocation (hobby), to a Dimensional Printing Design & Service.  

The hobby grade printers shown in this website are descent development tools.  Not the expensive professional production printing machines used in main-stream printing services. But production hardware is currently secondary. My present macines (6) are good prototyping tools.

Production printing (as a service) potentionally requires investment and uograde in printing hardware for serious professional duty performance. Honestly, I am not investing until there is a need. It's a business decision. I am not kidding myself in a "field of dreams". I am prepaired. Choices have been made.

It is the creative design and CAD I enjoy the most. For me, it’s all about design from scratch. Printing production hardware can (as stated) improve when needed.

I am (will be) posting (for sale) my original design projects here in this category. Some will be the actual printed part being offered or of an example that can be customized.

My plan is not a storefront, but a design service, with examples.

What I offer will be my own designs, not from Public Domain (PD) files. But I will print PD on demand if someone wants something printed they have seen elsewhare. I just won’t be openly promoting PD items where I don't have the original CAD file. 

KautzCraft Dimensional Print Studio is the full identity. Perhaps shortened to KautzCraft DP Studio. or KautzCraft DPS. Payments and bookkeeping through my KautzCraft Studio Jewelry business.


Above is my original concept

What I need right now is to apply a little creative effort on this section of the website, displaying things I have already produced and want to sell, and accept some outside input for new designs of other dimensionally printed products from YOU after reading this page. <smile>

I call it a market evaluation study. Is there a demand for quality 3D prototype printing, one-offs, specialty items?  Low volume production?  Contact me (see below).

My plan is to produce and also customize items on demand. Want a particular color of material?  I can do that. There may be a delay for material procurement and actual printing time.  Many of my projects require six, twelve and even over 24 hours of printing time. 

The design and engineering is first. After evaluation, some projects are not suitable for plastic 3D printing. But printing a plastic non fuctional prototype may be perfectly fine.

My shingle is out. I am looking for projects and available for commission. My existing hobbyist work is visible here in this website.

There are a couple of “special project” irons already heating on my stove. It’s those projects that have prompted me to explore other 3D print possibilities presented within  this post. Talk to me! <smile again>

If this category  becomes just a display of my current "products for sale". That's fine. Just send me an email indicating what you want or what you would like to see. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    --  Ideas very welcome!

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