DSCN0568Just kicking back and playing with the Cetus (MamaCetus) printer. I had noticed there is now a Mk3 version available that could be modified to run g-code directly from 3rd party slicer sofware. (See previous post.)  I have always been able to do that with MamaCetus (indirectly)

Transferring the g-code file from say, SImplify3D to UPStudio is not a hard task. One doesn't see the anamation of the Simplify 3D when printing via USB, but there is also no anamation when using UPStudio.

It had been a while since I ran g-code through UPStudio to MamaCetus. I decided I should get back into the practice as it looks like there is a lot of outside g-code going to be run on the new Cetus.

I remembered my printing results were excellent in the past but things change since then. The UPStudio was updated, as was Simplify3D. I also made bed changes to MamaCetus and nozzle heights would have to be reset in Simplify3D.

DSCN0567The pictures show the printing is as good as ever. It's what I refer as Junque Item printing but that is OK! These cube puzzles were sliced in Simplify3D and fed to MamaCetus via UPStudio. The layer height is 100 microns (0.100 MM) The quality is excellent for FDM printing.

Hard to beat the linear rail/bearing axii quality on MamaCetus.